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I am back and old quilt magazines

First I want to say sorry I have been off for awhile. Just couldn’t get myself to work on my blog. I pretty much been sewing to keep my mind busy. I want to dedicate this blog to my dad because without him I would be able to bring the new year posts on the old quilt mags. My dad was a collector of all things and he liked to go to auctions and flea markets. A few months ago my mom gave them to me because I liked to quilt and she didn’t need them anymore. I absolutely love these magazines. Some of them are still in publication and some not. I felt I couldn’t keep them to myself, after all someone years ago felt the need to save them and they still exist almost 30 years later. The magazines consist of Country Quilts, Lady’s Circle Patchwork Quilts, Quilt, Quilt World, Quilt World Omni Book, Quilter’s Newsletter, Quiltmaker, Stitch ‘n’ Sew Quilts. The earliest is from 1983 and the latest is 1988. I have to say the most ironic thing I find with these magazines is that the years correspond with the most memorable years, from graduating high school-1983 to marriage-84 and the birth of both my children-Cassie-85 & Cory-88. These make them even more special to me. With that being said the reason I mention the magazines is I thought I would share one each month. Starting in January 2012 on the 5th & 20th of each month I want to talk about the articles the patterns that are in the magazines. I am going to start with Quilter’s Newletter May 1983 on January 5th. Please mark my blog because I am going to try to make it worth your time for stopping by. Also will be posting some things I have make the last month over the next few days.

sew toni


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