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Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine May, 1983 part 2

I hope your enjoyed my first blog about my vintage magazines. As time goes on you will find that I will make changes as I learn more how to post blogs and add content to them.

The last half of the magazine has a few more patterns for blocks. The first one is called Gemini Gem. I am kind of partial to this block since I am a Gemini. It is very neat and I haven’t  seen this block anywhere except on a quilting board where someone posted a picture of one she did and that was in 2008. She paper pieced it  and it looks like she did a great job. The article gives us patterns to use and they show 2 different blocks one with double triangles the other with single triangle but that is a lot of cutting and there are

gemini gem

great tools out now that might make it easier.

The other pattern is called Springtime Blossoms. They also called it Hearts and Gizzards or Martha’s Choice. I did look around for the title of springtime blossoms but couldn’t find anything but I did find info under Hearts and Gizzards. I found a website that sells mini quilts and the quilts are exact replicas that is shown in the article. I also found a great youtube tutorial by Kaye Wood. She calls her quilt pinwheel hearts. It is the same quilt and she made it out of black and white fabrics. You can view it here. blossoms

There is an article on Doris Hoover who proclaims to be self-taught (which I do the same). She like to print her own fabrics and there is another article following this one on how to make your own prints. She describes on how to make your own prints the same way we do it today.

the meetin place


To finish up the magazine there is an article call

ed Quilting Bee. It is letters to the editor Bonnie Leman where some r

eadershare their quilts.  There are pictures of some great quilts. There is one thing I have noticed in reading all these magazines. Quilter’s never run out of ideas. There are so many different quilt designs shared in these magazines as well as my current collection where I don’t think I have seen a duplicate quilt. I just get amazed and am in awe of the people who design these every time I look at them.

quilting bee



I have also added some pictures to my projects page.


Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine Issue 152, May 1983–Part 1

Quilter's Newsletter, May 1983

Quilter’s Newsletter, May 1983

I have to say when I first seen this magazine cover all I could thing of was one of the video games I used to play. I can’t remember the name of it but I remember that as the screen moved the arms or that is what I called them, would move up and down. I mean no disrespect to the designer Ruby McKim because she obviously had great vision. This quilt know as the Oriental Poppy, circa 1935 at the time of publication was from the collection of Catherine Anthony  (1926-2010), Houston, Texas.

As I open the pages of the magazine I find great colorful pictures of quilts throughout the pages of a regular feature “What’s New–and NEWS–in quilting”. Of course this magazine was published before the internet so the did a monthly feature about quilt shows around the United States.

a couple pages of What's new and news in quilting.

a couple pages of What’s new and news in quilting.

The feature article was about Bob Timberlake: quilt collector and painter. He describes himself as collecting quilts since he was a boy. He has a great collection and proudly displays them in his home. As an artist he gave up his time spent in the family business and started painting. At the time of publication of this magazine in 1983 he has become very successful and has earned the honors of being recognized as the official artist of Keep America Beautiful in 1978 and being invited to Buckingham Palace by Prince Charles just to list just a few. I have done some research on Bob Timberlake and found that present day he is part owner of Chetola Resort, designs furniture among other things. You can find him at  There is another regular feature called “Not For Shopkeepers Only” by Jeffrey Cutcheon. This features color. He talks about  how hard it is to get fabric is the different variety of colors they want. He goes on to explain how colors are chosen and how long it is kept on the market.

Bob Timberlake

Bob Timberlake

There is a series quilt that has been featured in the magazine and this one features part four. The quilt is called Blooming Baskets designed by Susie Ennis. We learn how to piece together blocks 5 & 6 which includes drawings of the pieces of baskets to be sewn together. There is a small picture of the piecing of this block but you can also write to Quilts & Other Comforts in Wheatridge, Colorado to get the complete series of the 12 blocks. I am ending the blog with Ruby McKim’s Lively Iris. It is featured as a pattern update. To me, which I still consider myself a new quilter, looks very complicated. I can see how it breaks down into strips and the show how to break down the iris to three blocks but getting the measurements right would worry me. It is very neat and I like this quilt because my mom loves iris’s. She likes to collect different colors and just have a patch of them. Maybe someday I will try this and give it to my mom to add to her collection. I have found that Ruby’s granddaughter is recreating her patterns and reselling them also some prints of Ruby’s quilts. I have found the website     where you can purchase them. I also found a blog which features antique and vintage quilts and a blog dated January 13, 2011 feature some of Ruby McKim’s quilts. The direct link to this page is Please take a look at them there are some really unique flowers that she made.

Blooming baskets

Blooming baskets

Lively iris close up

Lively iris close up

Lively Iris

Lively Iris

This takes us halfway through the magazine. For fear of boring you and making this blog way to long I am going to stop there and on the 20th I will feature the remaining magazine. I do want to apologize for getting this out on the 6th and not the 5th as promised but I forgot my sister’s surprise 50th party was yesterday. Please let me know what you think of these posts. I welcome comments and criticism because I want you to enjoy the magazines as much as I do. I hope to improve on these blogs as well. As I continue to write these I will get ideas on how to improve so you may see some changes as I continue this. Thank you so much for reading my blog.


I am back and old quilt magazines

First I want to say sorry I have been off for awhile. Just couldn’t get myself to work on my blog. I pretty much been sewing to keep my mind busy. I want to dedicate this blog to my dad because without him I would be able to bring the new year posts on the old quilt mags. My dad was a collector of all things and he liked to go to auctions and flea markets. A few months ago my mom gave them to me because I liked to quilt and she didn’t need them anymore. I absolutely love these magazines. Some of them are still in publication and some not. I felt I couldn’t keep them to myself, after all someone years ago felt the need to save them and they still exist almost 30 years later. The magazines consist of Country Quilts, Lady’s Circle Patchwork Quilts, Quilt, Quilt World, Quilt World Omni Book, Quilter’s Newsletter, Quiltmaker, Stitch ‘n’ Sew Quilts. The earliest is from 1983 and the latest is 1988. I have to say the most ironic thing I find with these magazines is that the years correspond with the most memorable years, from graduating high school-1983 to marriage-84 and the birth of both my children-Cassie-85 & Cory-88. These make them even more special to me. With that being said the reason I mention the magazines is I thought I would share one each month. Starting in January 2012 on the 5th & 20th of each month I want to talk about the articles the patterns that are in the magazines. I am going to start with Quilter’s Newletter May 1983 on January 5th. Please mark my blog because I am going to try to make it worth your time for stopping by. Also will be posting some things I have make the last month over the next few days.

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